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5 Legit Reasons Why Podcast Production Outsourcing Makes Sense

5 Legit Reasons Why Podcast Production Outsourcing Makes Sense

Kay July 5, 2021 0 Comments

In this blog, I will talk about 8 reasons why Podcast production outsourcing saves your time, energy and a lot more.

As a Podcaster, I delegate 80% of my Podcast Production work to an Agency. It saves me time which I invest in closing sales with my clients.

Imagine you’re new to Podcasting. You’re clueless about starting Podcasting or how to proceed with your Podcasting journey.

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But you’re passionate about sharing your experience, knowledge and skills with the world. You decided to jump into Podcasting as a friend of yours suggested that it’s a surging industry and has an audience of millions.

Your friend convinces you that all you’ll have to do is just record your thoughts and ideas without showing your face. You jump with excitement as you know you’re camera shy but pretty good with talking.

Here’s what you didn’t know. You’ll have to purchase Podcasting tools and equipment, write optimized Podcast titles to hook listeners, write informative episode show notes that give an idea of what’s covered in the episode, edit your Podcast audio recordings and make them error-free.

This takes a lot of your time and energy. What if you could outsource all of this tedious work to someone else who’s an expert and knows what works and what doesn’t in the Podcasting world?

This is why, by the end of this blog post, you’ll have a clear picture of how Podcast production outsourcing will help you with visibility and personal branding.

So without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

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1. Podcast Production is Unpleasantly 
Time Consuming

To begin with, you’ll need to go through a simple but lengthy process before you can start releasing your Podcast episodes.

Here’s a list of a bunch of things you’ll need to get done before someone can plug in their earphones to hear your Podcast out. They go as :

  • Thinking of a Podcast title that’ll hook listeners
  • Reaching out to a guest to feature on your show
  • Recording your Podcast episode
  • Editing your Podcast recording to polish it
  • Writing show notes for your episode
  • Uploading your audio file on your Podcast Hosting service for distribution to other directories

This is all that you’ll have to get done before your Podcast episode hits directories such as Apple Podcast or Spotify.

What if you could spend this exact time closing an important business deal, or spending time with your family?

What if you had no idea how to go through every technical production process and require external assistance?

That’s when you’ll realise that you need to outsource the entire Podcast Production work to an Agency or a Freelancer.

Yes, you’ll need to invest money, but that’ll be at the cost of time. Time, that you can easily put to use somewhere else, in something else.

And what’s it to harm if you’re outsourcing your Podcast production to someone who knows how it’s done exactly.

I’m talking about coming up with researched and in-demand episode titles, SEO optimized show notes and transcripts, professional video editing skills and whatnot.

Isn’t it better to leave them in the hands of someone or some people who know what’s best done? Indeed yes.

Now, the next reason for outsourcing is something that 90% of people try to avoid.

2. Facing Technical Difficulties

What if you mess up something while uploading your podcast episode audio file, or screw up with editing your audio file, that’s going to take hours now?

You’ll feel like a mess and might end up giving up on your Podcast. You cannot let that happen, can you?

In such times, production outsourcing guarantees to resolve your Podcast’s existential crisis and prevent you from shedding any more tears behind your Podcast.

Podcasting is supposed to be fun. You have no right to feel miserable for handling something that’s not your cup of tea.

Look at me. I hate handling the technical portion of my Podcast. In fact, I outsource my production to an Agency, which saves me countless hours of wishing things were “non-technical” while I dump 20 cups of tea, stressing out.

Here’s a list of some major technical difficulties that outsourcing can help you conquer :

  • editing Podcast episode recordings
  • handling affiliates or sponsor mentions for your Podcast
  • reaching out to several guests for interviews

Life as a Podcaster would be 10x easier if you would end up outsourcing all of the technical sections of your Podcast production to an Agency or an Individual.

The next reason for outsourcing your Podcast production directly impacts your Podcast growth overall.

3. Efficient Guest Outreach Campaigns to Accelerate your Podcast’s Growth

Proper Guest Outreach = Boosted Podcast Visibility

At some point in time, you’ll want to have Industry experts on your Podcast to enlighten your listeners with their advice, tips, insights and experience of their niche.

There’s an entire process that goes behind having a guest over for your Podcast. A majority of that process is carried out through emails.

But, how do you guarantee success when it comes to inviting over your Guests for your show?

What if you’ve no idea about how to write outreach emails? What if your email hits their spam folder instead? What if you don’t structure your email in a way that makes them accept your invitation?

There are endless possibilities as to what can go wrong if your email outreach fails to have guests over for your show.

But, you can resolve this issue by outsourcing your entire guest outreach campaign to an expert in the field. Doesn’t that help you save time, effort and countless email drafts in your trash?

“ But Kay, how does having guests on my show accelerate my Podcast growth?”

Let me put it this way. Your guest brings an entire battalion of their audience with them.

A simple social media post by your guest drives their audience to your Podcast show. A lot of them turn into your listeners as well. Congratulations! you just gained 5x listeners because of bringing guests to your show.

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4. Writing Show Notes and Generating Transcripts

Show notes debrief listeners on what’s a particular Podcast episode based on.

In case you’re having guests over, you’d additionally want to have an introductory section in your show notes that lets your listeners know more about your Guest.

Nevertheless, writing Podcast show notes isn’t as easy as it looks. Here’s a brief overview of what an episode show note is generally made of :

  • A Hook that drives listeners to understand how exactly would the episode benefit them.
  • A subject topic matter that lets listeners know what exactly waiting for them in your episode. These can be in bulleted points as well.
  • a clear Call to Action as to what you want your listener to do once they’re done listening to your episode. 
    This can include requests such as — leaving a review or a rating, signing up for a program, sharing it on their social channels, and several others.

In case, you’re having a guest over for your show, don’t forget to mention what they’re covering for your listeners in that episode.

No doubt, no one knows your Podcast episodes better than you do. But, creating emotion-driven content that attracts eyeballs is more of what outsourcing can help you with unless you’re a copywriter yourself.

Coming to transcripts, they are the written version of your audio-based podcast episodes.

Apparently, episode transcripts are great SEO boosters for your Podcast. If put to use smartly, you can have a “Blog” page on your website that simultaneously helps you generate organic traffic from Google.

Generating transcripts using paid tools is no big deal. But, if you’re really to put the transcripts to catalyse free traffic from Google, you’d have to edit and format them appropriately, which may take hours for each transcript.

Outsourcing such a tedious task to a Podcasting Agency or a freelance copywriter can save you time and effort.

5. Designing Podcast Artwork demands Skills

With Canva dominating the designing world, literally, anyone can create a design of their choice and put it to use for their digital asset.

You’ll actually find Podcast cover templates on Canva as well. But, here’s what you won’t find. Your branding.

That’s something you’ll have to come up with and customize. Playing with colours, words, and images demands time and skills on your behalf.

Something I’m pretty sure you’re hesitant to invest in unless you’re a graphic designer yourself.

Then there are Audiograms. Short audio snips of your Podcast episode that you’d love to share with your audience. Social media sites are the perfect network to promote them on.

Here’s the deal about Audiograms, they have your fixed Podcast artwork as the image as well. That again requires skills to play around with.

What Next?

Podcast production outsourcing can be your best shot towards letting someone else handle what they’re best at, whilst you enjoy your Podcast sessions giving tips and tactics, or interviewing guests.

To summarize, here are 5 reasons why you should consider outsourcing Podcast production :

  • Podcast production is unpleasantly time-consuming
  • Facing technical difficulties
  • Efficient Guest outreach campaigns to accelerate your Podcast’s growth
  • Writing episode show notes and generating transcripts
  • Designing Podcast Artwork demands Skills

Passing it over to you now.

Would you consider outsourcing your Podcast Production to someone else? Drop your thoughts in the comments.

If you need help Launching your Podcast or are Planning to Outsource your Podcast Production, check out my Podcasting Agency for more details.