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Podcast Guest Application

Podcast Guest Application

Would You Like to Be a Guest on the Make Your Mark Podcast?

Make Your Mark Podcast is an unscripted conversation between you and me so come prepared to have a blast and to share some serious wisdom! I ask that you bring your ‘A-Game’ and your best knowledge and experience to the table.

We showcase industry experts and global influencers who generously share inspiring stories, lessons learned, behind the scene strategies, and proven resources on what’s working NOW to help small and medium business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, speakers, coaches and consultants to grow, scale and succeed in business.

Details: All interviews are pre-recorded via Zoom and are audio and video. This is an hour-long conversation, but we typically record between 20-30 minutes. 

A lot of time and energy goes into marketing and promoting every show.  It’s imperative that you fill out each question in it’s entirety so that we can properly market and promote your episode to our listeners both on air and in the show notes.

Thank you for your willingness to share your brilliance with our audience!