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What’s Guest Podcasting and How to Skyrocket your Business with it

What’s Guest Podcasting and How to Skyrocket your Business with it

Kay July 5, 2021 0 Comments

Guest Podcasting is the new Guest Blogging — Neil Patel [Digital Marketer]

It’s true. With the Podcasting Industry booming beyond limits, people are more than excited to become guests on Podcasts today.

The reasons are simple. They want visibility and exposure, either for their brand or themselves.

Photo by George Milton

With over 2 million Podcasts and 100+ million Podcast listeners, no wonder the Podcasting industry is one of the best channels for self-promotions.

And the best fact about Guest Podcasting is that you don’t need to have a Podcast of your own.

But there might be a few reasons why you’re reading this blog post.

  • You have no idea how Guest Podcasting works.
  • You don’t know the benefits of Guest Podcasting.
  • You don’t know how to pitch to Podcasters.
  • You pitch to other Podcasters but often get rejected.

If you are currently stuck in one of the situations I listed above, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, I will teach you how Guest Podcasting works, its benefits and how to pitch to Podcasters to get booked as Guests.

Without any further ado, let’s dive deep into the profitable world of Guest Podcasting and get the help you become the perfect Guest Podcaster.

Table of Contents
[1] What is Guest Podcasting?
[2] How to Become a Podcast Guest?
[3] How Guest Podcasting Benefits You and Your Business
[4] Guest Podcasting Requirements
[5] How to Pitch to Podcasters to Get Booked [Free Email Template]

1. What is Guest Podcasting? How does it Work?

Guest Podcasting is the process of getting booked on Podcast shows to share your insights, experience and values along with boosting your personal branding.

There are several reasons why you’d appear as a Guest on a Podcast show. Let’s look at a few of them.

  • To bring value to the Podcast show
  • To share relevant experiences, insights and knowledge with the Podcast Host and their show listeners on the episode topic.
  • To showcase your expertise in the topic being discussed. This boosts your authority as the subject expert.

2. How to become a Podcast Guest?

Now that you’ve got a basic idea of what Guest Podcasting is, let’s look at how Guest Podcasting works, step by step.

Step 1 : Do your Guest Podcast Research

Its necessary that you guest on a Podcast show that’s relevant to your niche. Choosing a Podcast show that has your ideal audience is essential for building authority and trust.

Step 2 : Set Your Guest Goal

Your aim as a Podcast guest should be to build an authentic relationship with the Podcast host and to provide valuable content to their audience.

Step 3 : Prepare a Call To Action for Ideal Audience

Make sure you have something that persuades your ideal audience to take action.

In a Podcast show, your call to action for the listeners can include :

  • A simple social media follow
  • a free ebook or a printable
  • a free coaching session
  • a newsletter

There are several other options, but these are the popular ones.

An effective call to action(CTA) gives people value and brings more leads, even potential clients for your business.

Step 4 : Promote the Episode

Once your Podcast interview is released, start promoting on the episode on various media channels. Here’s a list of a few to start with :

  • Social Media Channels [Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Faebook]
  • Your own Podcast show [for those who own a Podcast]
  • Your Email List
  • Your website

The ones I listed above are popular channels for promoting your Podcast. Go ahead and spread the word out.

Bring in listeners to your interview and build your Superfans.

3. How Guest Podcasting Benefits You and Your Business


Guest Podcasting brings plenty of opportunities for you and your business.

Showing up on Podcasts as a Guest puts you in a position of trust and authority.

If you’re looking for an optimal place to connect with your ideal audience, then add Guest Podcasting to your list.

Let’s look at a few popular Podcast guesting opportunities :

  • Building or boosting one’s personal brand and authority.
  • Getting clients as a freelancer
  • Getting Business Partners
  • Getting Leads for your Email List
  • Building a relationship with the Podcaster, even having them as Guests for your Podcast show, as I do.
  • Getting Traffic for your Website
  • Getting paid customers for your online course, program or workshop.

Guest Podcasting accelerates your business growth altogether. In fact, It has skyrocketed my business growth, bringing more opportunities and connections over time.

4. Guest Podcasting Requirements [Tools and Equipment]

You may or may not have a Podcast of your own, but appearing as a Guest on someone’s Podcast show has a few requirements.

Let’s split up the requirements between Audio and Video.

The Audio section of your Guest appearance solely depends on having a proper mic. A professional Podcast mic would be best.

If you’re really serious about Guest Podcasting, then you don’t want to go around talking with your earphones plugged in.

A mic reduces background noise, enhances speech clarity and helps deliver a clear and crisp voice.

The Video section of your Guest appearance emphasizes more on your picture quality and your background.

Picture quality depends on several factors such as

  • External cameras
  • Device
  • Inbuilt video enhancing software

Using a 4k based video quality is highly recommended, but not a necessity.

Talking of Backgrounds, you can have the natural background of your home or workplace or you can apply background filters.

At best, you can purchase a green screen and customize it to your liking.

Those who use a green screen usually put up their business logos with their theme colour. You can try out something similar.

5. How to Pitch to Podcasters to Get Booked [Free Email Template]

Pitching to Podcasters is the most important step of Guest Podcasting.

The reason’s pretty obvious. You can’t become a podcast guest unless you get invited or accepted by Podcasters in the first place.

Therefore, I’ve decided to show you the exact process through which I pitch to get booked on Podcasts.

Let’s start.

  • Start with a decent subject line.
  • Keep the email length short.
  • Use a casual approach to reach your host.
  • Comment on their previous episode and pitch how you can add value to their show.
  • Expand the points you just mentioned, but start with the integration of bringing yourself in to follow up with a different point of view. 
    Pitch yourself in a brief paragraph.
  • Give the host choices by offering a few alternative topics.
  • Finally, ask them for the following steps to get you booked at the bottom of the email.

Free Guest Outreach Email Template

Subject Line: Good episode, but establishing recurring revenue can be easier than you think

Content :

Hi Michale,

I enjoyed the episode with John Maddison, his advice on building relationships is spot on!

He gave great advice for the one-on-one sales situation, it is important to get in their world and talk to them on their terms, and while these methods are effective for those initial calls, what can really set you apart from the competition is how you can use the same advice to reach a bigger target audience using Make Your Mark Agency.

Would your audience enjoy an interview where I explain how they can create content that builds relationships, digs deep into the prospect’s world and speaks to them on their terms?

My advice will help your audience to grow their client base, generate more sales and establish them as leaders in their niche.

If not, I would be happy to speak on either of the following topics as well:

1. Engaging Your Audience & How It Leads To Sales: Touching on the value of engaging with your target audience in relation to creating content based on their feedback. Using audience engagement to generate leads and content at the same time.

2. How To Get The Biggest Bang For Your Ad Spend with Blitz Branding: Discuss the power of creating highly specified outreach lists via LinkedIn and turning that into the most targeted social media ad campaigns possible.

Let’s schedule a time to hop on a call.

I look forward to hearing from you soon


[Your Signature]

What Happens Next?

Now you have the email template to get booked as a podcast guest. Once you’ve researched your perfect-fit podcasts, it’s time to out your pitch to test and reach out to the podcast hosts.

As with anything, results come with consistency. This is especially true with pitching for podcast guest placements.

Set time aside to send 10 pitches each week and watch your calendar fill up with podcast interview requests.

Guest Podcasting is an amazing opportunity to showcase your talent, expertise and authority. Building connections with Podcasters works wonders in the long run. It did for me.

Is Guest Podcasting something you’ve tried before? If not, you’re missing out on a chunk of opportunities to maximise your business potential.

Check out my Ultimate Podcast Guest Booking Program to learn Guest Podcasting and boost your personal branding, get more business opportunities and build authentic connections.