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AI-Enhanced Podcast Guesting

Your Voice. Amplified by Innovation

How Podcast Guesting Will Grow Your Business





How It Works

In This 3-Month Coaching Program, We’ll Cover the Following:

Step 1: Get Ready

  • Media Kit Audit
  • Speaker One Sheet Template
  • Tech Check: Video & Audio
  • Script Writing
  • Building Confidence

Step 2: Get Booked

  • Strategically Find Hosts With Your Ideal Audience
  • Outreach Templates
  • What Questions to Ask the Host
  • What NOT To Do

Step 3: Get Clients

  • CTA Pulse Detection System
  • Lead Magnet Audit
  • How to 3x Your Podcast Appearances
  • Followup Questions

PLUS : Weekly Q&A Calls with Kay Suthar

Discover the Future of Podcast Guesting

Our AI-driven approach pairs your unique story with the perfect podcast, ensuring impactful appearances in the digital age.

Why You Should Be Guesting on Podcasts

Over 800,000 Active Podcasts

144 Million Americans Listen to Podcasts

85% of Listeners
Hear the Whole Episode
[Average Episode Time : 45 mins]

Traffic from Podcast Interviews Convert at 25% Visitor to Lead

Marketers will spend $1 Billion on Podcast Advertising by 2023

Podcast Interviews Sell More Books than Any Other Medium

38% of People Who Listen to Podcasts State That They’ve Purchased Products Mentioned on Podcasts

On Average, 45% of Podcast Listeners Have an Annual Household Income of $250,000

What Sets Us Apart

This vast experience means we understand the nuances of different podcast formats, audiences, and promotional strategies. When you work with us, you're leveraging a wealth of knowledge that ensures your message is heard, loud and clear.

AI Matchmaking:

Harness the power of artificial intelligence with our advanced matchmaking system. We don't just find you a podcast; we find the right podcast. Our AI-driven algorithms analyze your niche, expertise, and preferences to pair you with shows that resonate with your message, ensuring impactful appearances that captivate audiences.

500+ Appearances:

With over 500 podcast guesting experiences under our belt, we've honed the art of impactful podcasting. Kay, knows the challenges firsthand.

After facing countless rejections, she crafted a unique approach that landed her 100 interviews in just 60 days.


The podcasting landscape is rapidly evolving, and so are we. Our commitment to innovation ensures you're always a step ahead. From utilizing the latest AI tools to understanding emerging podcast trends, our tech-first approach ensures you're not just part of the podcasting world; you're leading it.

Your Story Shines:

Your journey, experiences, and insights are unique. We prioritize authenticity, ensuring that your genuine voice shines through in every appearance. By focusing on what makes you unique, we help you connect deeply with listeners, turning them into loyal followers and advocates for your message.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Duration of this Program?

The Guest Podcasting Program will be for 3 months.

How Long are the Coaching Calls with Kay?

The duration of your coaching calls with Kay will last for 1hr / weekly.

What Will I Learn in This Program?

This Guest Podcasting Program is a 3-step process that will turn you into a sought after Podcasting Guest. It includes :

  • Step 1 : Get Ready
  • Step 2 : Get Booked
  • Step 3 : Get Clients
How Can I Get Started with This Program?

As this Program is in high-demand, we need to ensure that you’re a good fit for this program. Therefore, you’ll need to apply by initially having a 1-on-1 call with Kay by Booking on her Calendar.

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