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Journey of Michael Neeley : From Acting to Becoming a Passionate Podcaster

Journey of Michael Neeley : From Acting to Becoming a Passionate Podcaster

Kay September 11, 2023 0 Comments

Imagine a world where podcasters unite, share their expertise, and build lasting connections while sailing through the Caribbean. It may sound like a dream, but for Michael Neeley, it became a reality. In this captivating blog, we dive into Michael’s journey from a struggling actor to a podcasting guru, and how he transformed his passion into a remarkable event: the Podcasters Cruise. Get ready to set sail on an adventure that will leave you inspired, informed, and eager to join the podcasting revolution.


From Acting to Podcasting

Michael Neeley’s story begins in the glamorous world of acting in Los Angeles. With the birth of his son and the unpredictability of the industry, he realized he needed a more stable career path. Little did he know that a chance coaching session with a client would lead him down an uncharted road. 

The Birth of a Podcasting Empire

Starting a podcast in 2014 was no small feat, especially when Michael had little knowledge of what a podcast even entailed. However, his passion for coaching and sharing insights with others propelled him forward. Within a short span, Michael’s show, “Consciously Speaking,” gained over 2 million downloads, and he soon found himself hosting multiple podcasts.

The Idea Takes Shape : The Podcaster’s Cruise

One day, Michael had a revelation – why not bring podcasters out from behind their screens and onto a cruise ship? Inspired by previous cruise experiences and conversations with fellow podcasters, he envisioned a unique event where networking, learning, and fun would collide. 

Unlocking the Power of Networking 

According to Michael, the Podcasters Cruise isn’t your average vacation. It’s an opportunity for podcasters to connect, learn from one another, and forge meaningful relationships. 

Networking is a cornerstone of this event and here, podcasters benefit from sharing tips, tricks, and industry insights. From mic-drop moments to late-night pizza gatherings, the cruise promises a vibrant and collaborative atmosphere.

Podcasting Cruise 

This is a 7-day all-inclusive cruise that has the power to give the participants the opportunity to network with like-minded podcasters, learn from industry experts, and create lasting connections. Let’s find out what else this Cruise offers: 

  1. The Dynamic Team of Michael Neeley and Krista – hosts of the popular “Mornings with Michael and Krista” podcast will be the guides on the Cruise. They are not only accomplished podcasters but also experienced trainers and speakers who are passionate about sharing their knowledge.
  2. Stay Ahead of the Curve: Michael ensures that Podcasters Cruise is a platform where you’ll gain insights into cutting-edge techniques, strategies, and tools. By attending, you’ll receive firsthand knowledge and industry updates, enabling you to stay ahead of the curve.
  3. A Networking Paradise: Picture yourself mingling with fellow podcasters, sharing experiences, and building relationships with like-minded individuals who share your passion. The cruise includes private dinners, group gatherings, and exclusive venues where you can connect, learn, and grow together.
  4. An All-Inclusive Adventure: The cruise package includes all-inclusive amenities, such as meals and access to exclusive events. Additionally, a nominal markup covers the special arrangements made for attendees, including an incredible swag bag and a stylish t-shirt to commemorate the experience.

Since this Cruise is an invite-only event, you can use the link here and select my name – Kay Suthar, in the Registration Form under the *You Were Invited By* section. 

In a Nutshell

If you’re serious about podcasting and eager to take your show to new heights, Podcasters Cruise is the ultimate event for you. Don’t miss out on this invitation-only networking extravaganza where you’ll connect with industry experts, expand your knowledge, and create lasting relationships with fellow podcasters. 

Book your cabin now, secure your spot, and get ready for a transformative experience that will propel your podcasting journey forward. Remember, spaces are limited, so act swiftly. We look forward to seeing you aboard Podcasters Cruise