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Repurpose Your Podcast Content into Social Media Posts that Drive Conversions

Leverage the Power of Social Media, Podcasting and AI to bring in your ideal clients and sales

Amplifying Across Platforms

Your podcast content shouldn’t be confined to just your listeners.

In today’s digital age, social media remains a pivotal touchpoint for businesses. It’s where conversations happen, brands are discovered, and loyalty is built. To neglect it is to miss out on a vast audience eager to connect with your message.

Harness the transformative power of AI and advanced tech to amplify your podcast’s voice across all major social media platforms. By leveraging the capabilities of AI, we ensure that your content is not only heard but also resonates with the unique dynamics of each platform.

Our seasoned team crafts bite-sized, AI-enhanced content tailored for your social media. These assets aren’t just visually appealing; they’re engineered to drive results, amplifying your content’s reach and visibility.

And it’s not just about the now. We can rejuvenate evergreen content from months past, using AI insights to repurpose and reintroduce them to new audiences, generating fresh leads and traffic for your brand.

Stay ahead, stay visible, and let technology and social media synergize to elevate your podcasting game.

But Just 1 Social Post Isn’t Enough

The Lifespan of 1 Social Post is Crazy Short,
Which is Why You Need Many

How short you say? Have a look at them below

18 Hours

5 Hours

24 Hours

24 Hours

Don’t let your content die when 1 social post does.

You need multiple clips to keep it active

Ready To Multiply The Results of Your Content on Social Media?

Starter - $600

1 Podcast Episode


  • 15x Captioned Short Videos
  • 2x 10mins Videos
  • 3x Quote Cards
  • 1x Shownotes per episode
Plus - $1650

3 Podcast Episodes


  • 45x Captioned Short Videos
  • 6x 10mins Videos
  • 9x Quote Cards
  • 3x Shownotes per episode

Elite - $2500

5 Podcast Episodes


  • 75x Captioned Short Videos
  • 10x 10mins Videos
  • 15x Quote Cards
  • 5x Shownotes per episode

Where Can You Post?

We get the Media Assets Ready for You to Post

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast do I get my repurposed assets?

The delivery time of your social media assets completely depends on the Plan you’ve opted for. However, we aim to get these assets delivered to you within 5-7 working days.

I have multiple brands. How do I use my subscription?

Regardless of how many brands you have, we’ll charge you solely based on our 3 Plans – Starter, Plus, Elite.

Regardless of how many brands you have, we'll charge you solely based on our 3 Plans - Starter, Plus, Elite.

Without any additional cost, we can repurpose content of ANY length, but what we send back per plan is up to 60 seconds of a Captioned Video, 10 min videos, Quote Cards and SEO-Optimized Show Notes.

Do you handle the publishing on our Social Media for me?

Unfortunately, publishing content on your selected social media platforms is out of our scope. We simply deliver the media assets (images, videos, show notes & quote cards) to you.

If You Have Any Further Questions, Book a Call!