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Podcast Production with a Tech-Forward Approach

Get your podcast off the ground without worrying about learning it all yourself.

We Do Everything For You

We’re not just another podcast coaching program. We’re pioneers, integrating cutting-edge AI technologies to elevate both audio and video podcasting.

When you can just record an episode, send it off, and forget about it, you have the freedom to be more creative and intentional about your show so you can serve as many people as possible with your message.

Personal Manager

Gets to know you and your show and will work on all your episodes.

Easy To Use

Our custom portal makes it fast and simple to send files and communicate.

Fast & Reliable

3-5 business day turnaround.

Social Content

All our packages include social to content to dive new listeners to your show.

Big Questions

Can you help me grow my business

Whether you already have 100 clients or you are still working on landing your first, Make Your Mark (Podcast) Agency will allow you to scale your popularity worldwide and it’s easy to get started.

Plus, we only win when you win. So it’s in both our best interests to make sure you are successful.

How hands-off is this?

Once we set up your client portal for you, you’re all set to go. All you have to do is upload new episodes and submit your files whenever you would like to.

Then we take care of all of the fulfilment without you having to lift a finger. This means you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business and less time spent on managing operations.

Advantages & Benefits

Get Your Time Back

Spend your time thinking about the big picture and focusing on actions that will actually move the needle.

Higher Quality

You lose listeners due to low-quality audio. Lean on our team of professional audio engineers to elevate your audio quality and keep listeners coming back for more.

More Content

Easily repurpose your podcast for all platforms. Turn your podcast into dozens of pieces of content without spending hours working on each episode.

How Does Podcast Launch Work

You’re just 3 easy steps away from launching your podcast.


Our team of audio engineers and graphic designers will create your podcast assets.


We get your podcast manually distributed to the 20+ largest podcast platforms.


We help you share your podcast with the world.

All Fulfilment Handled

Once an order comes in from your client, we handle the entire process so you don’t have to do a thing.

All fulfilment handled

Once an order comes in from you, we handle the entire process so you don’t have to do a thing.

Comprehensive Offerings

In addition to audio editing, we provide you with video editing, copywriting, and tons of repurposed social media content.

Consistent quality

Our in-house team of professionals ensures that every piece of content is exceptional.

Lifetime Support

We’re here to make sure you’re successful. That’s why we provide you with 24/7 support.

Easy-to-use interface

We believe in simplicity. That’s why we designed an interface that makes working with us extremely simple for you.

Centralized Portal

See all your content uploaded and completed make sure your business is running smoothly with your centralized client portal.

What Our Clients Say

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-06 at 11.16.09 PM
Karyn Kokeny

So glad I met Kay! You are a fantastic Podcast Coach and Speaker, you bring great energy. I’m grateful and my heart is filled knowing this is just the beginning! Together we are changing the world for the better!

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-06 at 11.16.10 PM
Mike Peterson

Your presentation today was extremely valuable. I listen and study so many podcasters and none of them taught anything you included. So grateful.

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-06 at 11.16.10 PM (1)
Nita Beshear

Kay is great and she gave me really specific ideas to use.

The Best Solutions for You

Podcast Package

Marketing Strategy

  • Consultancy on branding concepts and business strategy for lead generation
  • Consultancy on bespoke launch/relaunch strategy
  • Full Launch/Relaunch Support including promoting your show to our audience
  • Design of Main Podcast Artwork to Apple Podcast specifications
  • Creation of Podcast Artwork Templates and Social Media Templates for Quote Cards, Captioned Videos
  • Competitor Research and Keyword Optimisation
  • Timestamps and Resources mentioned
  • Production of Intro and Outro – scripted and edited, with advice on licensed music
  • Podcast Trailer
  • Professional Audio Editing – Noise Reduction, Volume Leveling and Mixing & Mastering
  • Profession Video Editing
  • YouTube Thumbnail Design
  • 50 x Shownotes with SEO
  • 100 x Captioned Videos
  • 50 x Quote Cards
  • 50 x Blog Header Images
  • Equipment Recommendations
  • Upload Show Notes to WordPress
  • Upload to YouTube
  • Upload and scheduling to hosting platform
  • Connection to Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher plus more
  • Access to the portal where you upload your content and receive the final product
  • Social Media: We guide you on setting up your social media platforms, enabling you to effectively reach your target audience and grow your listener base.
  • Google Ranking Strategy: We set organic, cost-effective strategies to help your podcast rank on Google, significantly increasing your visibility and audience reach.
  • Blog Creation: We guide you in crafting engaging blogs for each podcast episode, enhancing your audience reach.
  • Email List Building and Nurturing: We show you how to create weekly newsletters, a key strategy for building and nurturing your email list.
  • Future-Proof Strategies: We stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with the future of technology, guiding you on strategies to incorporate various AI tools in your podcasting process.

Support Features

In addition to our comprehensive podcast production package, we also offer a suite of bonus features designed to provide you with an unparalleled level of support and guidance. These features are designed to empower you, enhance your podcasting skills, and ensure your podcast’s success. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Coaching Calls with Kay: Receive personalized guidance, insights, expert advice and accountability directly from Kay.
  • Email Support: Access our expert team anytime you need us with our dedicated email support.
  • Guest Acquisition Coaching: We coach you on finding the right guests who align with your podcast’s theme and goals.
  • Sales Transition and Partnership Coaching: We guide you on transitioning into sales conversations and identifying ideal clients, collaborations, and partnerships.
  • Network Building: We assist you in building your network and fan base, leveraging podcasting as a powerful network marketing strategy.
  • Templates and Guides: We provide resources, including templates and guides, to streamline your podcasting process and manage your podcast efficiently.

At Make Your Mark Podcasts Agency, we go the extra mile to ensure your podcasting journey is smooth, enjoyable, and successful. Our bonus features are just one of the ways we demonstrate our commitment to your success. Let’s make your podcasting dreams a reality!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set everything up?

From the time you sign up to the time you are ready to bring release your first episode it typically takes 30 days. If you need to move faster than this, just let us know.

How fast is the turnaround for each episode?

Our standard turnaround time is 3-5 business days. We also offer expedited 48-hour turnaround for clients who have tighter schedules.

Are your editors in-house or freelance?

All our editors are in-house professionals who are regularly assessed for quality and efficiency.

Can I cancel or stop if it’s not working for me?

You certainly can. We’d hate to see you go, but we understand that businesses are constantly changing and pivoting. If you decide after 6 months of your agreement you’d like to stop working with Make Your Mark (Podcast) Agency, we make it easy and seamless for you to transition elsewhere.

Join dozens of other companies who’ve freed themselves from the day-to-day operations that were bogging them down.